Our materials

At BabyKids Atelier everybody is fully committed with achieving an outstanding quality, taking care of babies’ skin and the world we will leave to our children. That’s why we spare no time and resources to offer our customers a differentiated and unique product:

we thoroughly take care of the fabrics used on our collections, they must be extra soft, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and with the best quality for your baby. Just as you we are mothers and we worry about our children’s skin, so we avoid using fabrics that could causes allergies or rash.

Our collection is 100% cotton. Cotton is the softest and most comfortable fabric for a baby, it won’t irritate skin nor cause allergies. It allows an optimal perspiration and avoids chafing. It’s all natural.

We have an exclusive line of products aimed to newborns made with Pima Cotton. This cotton come from Peru and it’s known for being the softest cotton in the world, it’s impressive quality and for being the cotton option for the best brands in the world, it is a luxury product. Made by hand under an artisan process where only the best plants are selected a similar touch to silk is achieved. There won’t be better sensation for your baby than the softness and care our clothes offer.

details are just as important as fabrics, that’s why we only use buttons made with natural materials like mother of Pearl shell buttons which give our clothes an elegant and quality look. Our wood buttons come with our logo something which is aligned with the artisan and chic ways of the brand. Even in the buttons we have a no synthetic materials stance.

taking care of the environment is a key principle at BabyKids Atelier. Our labels and bags come from recycled materials for a natural and eco-friendly touch. ¿What use on having our kids handsomely dressed if we are not taking care of the world they will live in?